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It's not everyday that someone brings a camera, right? Usually, we take pictures in order to preserve memories. As the photographer, you have to know how to take good pictures of people. People have different angles.

Catch candid moments.
One way on how to take good pictures of people is by catching them during candid moments. Sometimes, people have a hard time smiling naturally in front of the camera. The photo then becomes stiff and boring.
Just be sure to time the moment right because candid moments can also make for unflattering pictures.
Old-school photographers like to take pictures of people by lining them up side by side. If you want to take good pictures of people, I suggest trying out different positions. Frankly, it's easy to learn how to take good pictures of people. You don't have to buy the latest camera model to come up with fantastic photos. Technically, yes the digital SLR can produce a photo that has more pixels, but there are more things to a photo than pixels. Here are a few ways to take better photos with a digital point and shoot camera. Learn the limitations of your camera. Most digital cameras have these three basic settings: Portrait, Landscape, and Automatic. Portrait and Landscape does not refer to the horizontal or vertical orientation of the picture. In the "Portrait" setting, the item that the camera is focusing on will appear in focus, and the background and foreground will normally be out of focus. Usually, the person in focus is talking. This setting doesn't apply to just people, it could apply to objects in a photo that need more emphasis.
If you are taking pictures of scenery, this would be the setting to use, unless you wanted to focus on a particular subject. What if you are taking a picture of a lot of people? If people are standing at different distances from you, Portrait mode may render a few people out of focus.
Dos and Don'ts of composition
Pictures usually look better when the subject is slightly off centered. Do try to keep garbage cans and drinks out of a picture unless you want those things in the picture. The best tip for taking better photos with a digital point and shoot camera is, your camera flash is only good for a distance of about 10-20 feet, and the flash is not only for using at night or in dark places. You can either try to get closer or try to take a picture without the flash (picture will be brighter, but most likely out of focus). Do you know how to turn the flash off?
The person with the bulky SLR has a flash distance of around 30 to 100 feet. Do you know how to turn the flash on? Not every picture looks good on the automatic setting.

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